Friday, March 26, 2010

White Eagle Clan Infantry Unit

This evening, after dealing with a home problem (of which I will tell anon), I finished the last 8 figures for a 20-figure unit of infantry for the White Eagle Clan.  They now have three infantry units and one cavalry unit ready for play-testing for my June convention game (Bayou Wars 2010).

This unit is composed of 12 Falcon Miniatures sword-armed Arabs (with one converted to the leader/standard bearer) and 8 Iron Brigade rifle-armed Arabs.

I received the Iron Brigade miniatures from their new owner, The Lost Battalion Miniatures.  The owner has many of the Iron Brigade moulds and is going to be casting and, I think, upgrading them.  He also has a number of figures on-hand.  I ordered some of the rifle-armed Arabs, a French Foreign Legion command group (for a batch of Iron Brigade FFL I have), some ship guns, and a horse and musket artillery limber with two horses and attendant.  The service was great!

Now to the house problem.  This past Wednesday night, while getting some foamcore out to make some movement stands, I discovered that I had a water leak along the outside wall of my wargaming/computer room.  My wife, son, and I moved a batch of wargaming and stamp stuff out and discovered mildew and ruined box bottoms and loose-leaf binders.  Before it was all over, I had filled two large trash cans and had the rest of my house stacked with troop boxes, terrain boxes, etc., etc.  I only lost some stamp collecting material and some cardboard boxes.  None of my troops were affected.  The only terrain I lost was one 2' square terrain board made from a ceiling tile.  It was the bottom of a stack of them.  We tore the carpet out today and the resulting picture tells it all - a bare room!  Isn't the original 1970s tile simply horrid!

At least it will give us a chance to repaint the walls.  And we still have to figure out how to seal the exterior wall (which "backs" onto a porch) to keep the water from entering in the future.  Plus a new floor.  The adventure of a homeowner never ceases!



Sorry to hear of your misfortune. I have seen my mother fight moisture damaged to the floors over the years and I fear the floors will need to be replaced again in the future. I wish you well in finding a way to apply a sealant layer on the outside wall. Hope to see you on the 3rd.

Fitz-Badger said...

Nice minis!
I succumbed to temptation and bought some old Foundry NW Frontier tribal types. I think I'll try out some games using my ImagiNation troops in place of pith helmeted trrops, at least to get started (after my current tricorne war is done and/or I want a change of pace). Still have to paint the tribal types.

I just got some plumbing work done today, replacing an old water heater, which was starting to leak a bit. No damage to anything important.

Bluebear Jeff said...

While I certainly hope that you are able to seal the walls, might I suggest that you consider having some "duckboards" under your gaming materials?

-- Jeff

ColCampbell50 said...


Everything going back into the room will be up on shelving of some sort to help mitigate against another water episode.


VolleyFireWargames said...

according to FEMA its non-essential living space, be glad it wasn't from flood damage. suggest 3-4 inches of space above the floor for future storage. its what i did in my game room after september 2009 and i was extremely lucky compared to many of my neighbors