Friday, January 1, 2010

The Year 2009 in Review

I painted 652 points of figures during 2009, with every foot figure or gun counting as 1 point and every mounted figure counting as two points.  Of those points, 63% were Victorian Colonial in keeping with our group's theme of Colonial Adventuring and 37% were 18th Century.

Victorian Colonial

24 Imperial cavalry and 18 dismounts
26 Imperial gunners and 2 guns
3 Imperial mounted officers

180 native infantry
36 native cavalry and 12 native camelry
16 native gunners and 1 gun
5 native mounted and 4 foot leaders
1 Russian advisor

1 pack mule
1 Cigar Store wooden Indian

18th Century

92 infantry
24 cavalry
3 mounted officers
3 foot officers (used as additions to already painted units)
30 Eastern Woodland Indians
31 assorted rangers, frontiersmen, and light infantry
21 foot and 1 mounted special characters (lords, ladies, hangers-on, peasants, etc.)
1 coach with 4 horses and 2 outriders

In addition to all those figures, I designed and built the Victorian era Fort at Khalaam and a number of hills for my big Colonial game at the HMGS Gulf-South convention, Bayou Wars, June 2009.

I also assembled and painted Der Alte Kirche with graveyard walls and graves and the Eisenmuhlen cannon foundry for two "Big Battalion" games this past fall.  In addition to the 8 sections of gabions I painted for the Fort Khalaam game, I painted 12 other wall sections during the year.

Although I didn't accomplish all my goals for 2009, I did make a big dent in the pile of unpainted lead.  Of course I added to that pile and now probably have the same amount in it.  Oh, well, there is always this new year, when I'll be painting more Victorian Colonial, French & Indian War, and 18th Century figures and my Russian and Japanese pre-dreadnought fleets.

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