Thursday, January 14, 2010

Egyptian Cavalry

I am beginning preparations for my 3rd Annual George Carr, Sr. Memorial Colonial Game at the HMGS-Gulf South Convention in New Orleans in June.  The scenario will involve a small Egyptian garrison along the Green Nile branch of the Nile River that is under attack by a large group of former Madhists, Beja, and desert Arabs, all led by the Agandar of Karres, a successor of the Khalifa. [NOTE:  Who can guess from where I obtained the name of the Arab commander? I'll give the answer later this month after I have completed the Egyptian infantry and British naval figures upon which I am currently painting.]

The first figure is my overall Egyptian commander, Major Sariati Pasha.  He will be in command of the Egyptian garrison at the old British base at Wadi Zoum-Zoum (see Wadi Zoum-Zoum).  He is named for an actual officer whom I met while stationed in Germany and was engaged in military planning with a non-NATO North African country.  I hope he won't mind me borrowing his name.

The first unit of the Egyptian mounted column that will be used in the relief of Wadi Zoum-Zoum is a troop of the Egyptian Cavalry Regiment.  These 12 stalwarts are armed with lances, swords, and carbines.

They have also been trained to fight dismounted.

They will be joined by two other mounted units which were painted last year for my Assault on Fort Khalaam game.  This time they will play the roles of a troop of mercenary Baluchi cavalry and a troop of Bashi-Bazouk cavalry.

All of these figures are Ral Partha Victorian Colonials, which are still available from Great Endeavours.

I'm working on a platoon of Egyptian infantry for part of the Wadi Zoum-Zoum garrison and will be posting pictures of them later.


Bluebear Jeff said...

James H. Schmitz wrote a wonderful SF novel called "The Witches of Karres" around 50 years ago.

In recent years there have been a couple of "follow up" novels by other writers . . . in fact I just got "The Sorceress of Karres" as one of my Christmas books.

If there is an earlier "Karres", I'm not aware of it . . . but there might well be.

-- Jeff

Bluebear Jeff said...


Are you aware of the "subscription" program at GREAT ENDEAVORS?

Through it you can not only support more Tom Meier Colonials, but also purchase current Ral Parthas at half price!

-- Jeff

J Womack, Esq. said...

My buddy Jim (stationed in Gulfport) and I may try to make Bayou Wars this year, as Historicon is definitely out. If so, I'll look out for your game.

A J said...

I've always thought the experiences of the Egyptian garrisons in the Soudan would make for a good campaign. Let's just hope Sariati Pasha doesn't follow the sad path of Hicks Pasha...

ColCampbell50 said...

Jeff - You WIN!!

Now, let's see, what could be your prize? An all expenses paid trip to Historicon 2010 in Baltimore? Nah.

How about the satisfaction of knowing about old SF novels? Yeh, that will do.

Karres is indeed the name of the witch world in Scmitz's novel. The Agandar is the name of the "dread pirate" who tries to control a couple of the witches, without success I might add.


And, yes, I'm aware of the subscription offer from Great Endeavours. But my wargaming buddy and I have more than enough Victorian Colonial figures between us!