Monday, November 9, 2009

October Painting

I realize that I have been lazy in making additional posts after the two big battles we had in late September and early October. They must have taken more away from my "hobby enthusiasm" than I suspected.

After the second of the big battles, I only painted an additional 12 figures - the third infantry company for the Eisenmuhlen Regiment, using the last of the delightful RSM-95 British infantry I had. So now that regiment has a strength of 36 figures. Eventually I will get another 12 figures to increase it to 48.

I also prepared and primed a batch of 24 American Eastern Woodland Indians for my French & Indian War project and actually got their flesh and mocassins painted. But that's as far as I went. They are still sitting on my painting table. Maybe I can get more done on them this week, especially as I have Wednesday off work for Veterans Day. And I prepared and primed over two dozen rangers and light infantry and another six Indians for future painting.

More later. Jim

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Der Alte Fritz said...

It is quite normal to feel drained after hosting a wargame. You spend so much time preparing for it that sometimes the actual game is an anticlimax. Then follows a little bit of post game depression. Eventually, you will get the urge to paint or read something about the period and that will get you going again.

Meanwhile, enjoy all of the new extra time that you have and wait for the next painting wave. It will come.