Thursday, November 12, 2009

Armistice Day & USMC Birthday

In honor of Veterans Day (or Armistice Day) yesterday and the U.S. Marine Corps birthday day before yesterday (HOOO-RAH!!), I bring for your edification and enjoyment an original copy of the monthly report of the Regiment of U.S. Marines from September 1847. This report covers the time period in which the regiment was part of General John Quitman's division and participated in the assault on Chapultepec, from whence the Marines get the first line of their hymn:

From the halls of Montezuma . . .

This document is in the collection of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Series 1598: Reports and Returns (Mexican War). General Quitman was a Mississippian and his personal papers, which include those from his service in the Mexican War, are in our collections.

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Frankfurter said...

First, of course, saluting my own grandparents who served in W.W.I.
And to drop a comment about some prior posts ...
absolutely loved the pictures of the big battalions battles, but at that scale, I'd expect to see just a tad more terrain, as subtle effects are more important at the one figure = less than 30 guys??
Still envious of your club!