Monday, August 10, 2009

More Light Cavalry

I'm continuing to work on the minimum necessary force levels for my "Big Battalions" game next month. Joining the Electoral and Imperial armies are two small troops of light cavalry. These are actually American Revolution era cavalry and were acquired for my AMR forces but they are being pressed into service for my fictitious Seven Years War campaigning. All of these figures are "true" 25mm and will eventually revert to my AMR forces once I get more 28mm figures painted for my imagi-nation forces.

First up is a troop of six light dragoons for the Imperial Army. These Mini Figs light dragoons are painted in the uniforms of Colonel William Washington's Regiment of Dragoons of the Continental Army. But for my "Big Battalions" game, they will be part of a converged light dragoon squadron (along with eight other Mini Figs) from the Kreis Obere Sachsen and join the Armeeabteilung Obere Sachsen's advanced guard along with Courland's Tamnii Narod Pandours and Timofievich Cossacks.

Joining the Electoral Army is a small squadron of eight mounted jagers provided by contract to the Brittanian army. They will be traveling to Carpania along with the Brittanian contingent commanded by Colonel Ashley Hyde-Enseecker. These figures are old Custom Cast dragoons and are painted as the fictitious Loyalist York Dragoons for my AMR British forces. Two of the have been painted for several years and the other six have just joined them. Unlike the Mini Figs above, these are one-piece castings but were fairly easy to paint.

And finally here are two Scruby infantry officers who are being painted to replace two plastic officers in my British converged light infantry battalions. These are fairly generic tricorne wearing officers. They should be finished in another day or two.

Once they are completed then I only have twelve more light dragoons left to paint before my minimum force levels are reached. These last ones are also Scrubys and will represent the cavalry arm of the Queen's Rangers, joining the 20 infantry figures I already have painted. There will also be a mounted officer added to command this combined arms legion for the British (err, Brittanians).


abdul666 said...

A wise and pleasant 'recycling' of minis -and it's always gratifying to have your troops seeing more action as 'moonlighters'.
How do the Electorate and the Empire align (if indeed they do?) with Courland and Carpiana?

ColCampbell50 said...

Carpania is an ally of Germania and as such is on the side of the Elector. A small brigade of Britannian troops will assist them.

Courland and Sachsen-Wachsenstein are considered part of the Empire's Upper Saxon District (Kreis Obere Sachsen) and are firmly aligned with the Empire. They will be assisted by a small contingent of Reichsarmee troops and the whole force will be commanded by an Imperial general.