Sunday, August 2, 2009

July Painting

My painting in July hasn't been as productive as I had hoped, only 27 foot figures. But 2/3 of them were RSM95 figures which were a joy to paint. As usual, please click on the pictures to see a larger image.

The RSM95 figures are now the Infanterie Battalion Eisenmuhlen of the Barony of Eisenmuhlen, which is allied to the Margraviate of Carpania. The figures are actually American Revolution British but since the uniform cut is close to what the Germanians (Prussians) wear and Carpania and Eisenmuhlen are allied to Germania, I figured that these would be "close enough" for an imagi-nation force. They wear dark cherry red coats with camel facings, small clothes, and breeches. Their gaiters are charcoal and their black tricornes are trimmed in yellow tape. The flags use the same color scheme (red/yellow) and are very simple in design (and are home produced).

In addition to the 24 RSM95 figures, I also painted 12 old Custom Cast British infantry who will serve double duty as American Revolutionary War British and Imagi-Nation Brittanians. The figures are organized as the 38th Regiment of Foot and can be paired with the 80th Regiment of Foot (painted a number of years ago) to make a 24 figure strong battalion for Batailles de l'Ancien Regime rules use.

The new 38th Foot is on the left (with the Union flag) while the older 80th Foot is on the right (with the regimental flag). The Union flag is hand painted while the regimental flag is a paper one from Warflag that has been carefully glued onto the original cast flag and then touched up with yellow paint to hide the seams and bare edges.

The last foot figure (not pictured) was an officer for my American Revolution Queen's Rangers infantry.

And while I was experimenting with using the Warflag flags to spruce up my British battalions I also decided to see how easy it would be to temporarily modify some of my American Continental battalions so that I could use them in my BAR big battalions game in September. I needed four battalions of Reichsarmee troops for the Armee Abteilung Kreis Obere Sachsen. Again I used Warflag flags, this time extra Hessian ones.

This illustrates two stands on infantry, the one on the left with its Continental flag and the one on the right with its temporary Reichsarmee flag which has just been taped over the Continental flag. Its amazing how something as simple as a flag can change the entire appearance of a unit.

You can look for these and others in my reports next month about the coming battle between the Electoral Army (Brittania, Carpania, and Eisenmuhlen) and the Reichsarmee (Courland, Sachsen-Wachsenstein, and the Kreis Obere Sachsen).


CWT said...

Nice figures, and I like the flags too. I've been battling with painting as well, with productiveness always lagging behind the planned and hoped-for level.

WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Lovely brushwork on your latest figures!

Best Regards,