Sunday, April 5, 2009

Visit of F M Reich Duke Wilhelm of Beerstein - Part 1

With the arrival of Field Marshal the Reich Duke Wilhelm of Beerstein to the Margraviate of Carpania and the Duchies of Courland and Sachsen-Wachsenstein, preparations are in a fever pitch. Foodstuffs are being gathered from far and wide and the armies of the three statelets are polishing their brass and whitetening their belting.

A peasant family brings their goods towards Potzdorf.

At the Courland border post, a carriage approaches, escorted by Cossacks. Major General Seamus Campbel, OT, and the border post commander are waiting.

The carriage comes to a stop and the Reich Duke alights, followed by young King Basil of the Romans.

In the name of Margrave Hapnich of Carpania, Duke Pavlov of Courland, and Duke Siegfried of Sachsen-Wachsenstein, Major General Campbell welcomes Reich Duke Wilhelm and young King Basil.

With Campbell now mounted and a courier hurrying to Potzdorf, the royal visitors leave the border post.

Note: The figures are from a variety of sources. The Reich Duke is one of the Blue Moon duelling party line. Young Basil is a RAFM British officer. Campbell is a Front Rank Highland officer. The courier is an RSM figure. The Courland border guards are a Front Rank Russian artillery officer and some artillery fusiliers. I'm not sure what manufacturer produced the cossacks. The peasants are Foundry. And finally, the coach is one of the wedding favors from Michael's Craft Shop with Minifig limber horses and Minifig Prussian cuirassiers as out-riders.


Capt Bill said...

What a wonderful collection of figures! I really like the Gen Campbell mounted guy and the Rich Duke never looked so elegant. Cossacks make an excellent and fearsome escort, we should tour in great safety...

Konstantinos Travlos said...

What a excellent vintage! I really enjoyed this!

Fitz-Badger said...

Very nice! I love the various figures! I would never have guessed that the young King Basil was an officer figure from another line of minis. Good use of minis of varying size!
I also like the terrain. The border post is cool. Is the road/ground painted on some sort of gaming mat? It looks good. Simple, game-like, but very fitting.

ColCampbell50 said...

Thank you all. The story will continue on Monday and for several days thereafter.

The terrain surface is a two foot square of plywood that I painted several years ago for a Gloire game. If you go back to my 2007 posts, you will find the BayouWars report featuring this game surface.


Gallia said...
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Gallia said...

Bravo Jim,
Applause and accolades for the storyline and mighty fine scene.

old-tidders said...

What a super coach ! Nice figs too

-- Allan