Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Ambush!

The Reich Duke and Duchess and young Basil are on their way to the Persipality of Monte Cristo. Soon they will pass the ruins of Castle Valkenhayn, former ancestral home of the Counts of Valkenhayn, whose last surviving member commands the Hapnich Dragoon Regiment of Carpania. [As always, please click on the pictures for a larger view.]

But what is this?!?

Agents of the Deylicate of Bizercca have gathered the whirling dervish tour group to issue final instructions on the ambush of the ducal party and the kidnapping of young Basil.

The coach, with its Cossack escort, passes the castle ruins.
Can they not see the dervishes hiding in the woods?

Suddenly the ambush is sprung.
Screaming dervishes dash towards the escort and the coach.

While the coach outriders jerk the horses off the road,
the Cossack escort charges the ambushers.

Escorted only by the Cossack color bearer, the coach flees down the road.
The rest of the Cossacks bravely sell their lives to protect the ducal party's escape.

But what will this mean to relations between Morea and the Deylicate? Or between Carpania and its local foes - Courland and Sachsen-Wachsenstein? After all, the attack took place in Carpania against an Imperial Reich Duke and his young guest. And the dervishes were guests of the Carpanians at Potzdorf. Surely diplomatic notes will be exchanged. Stay tuned!


abdul666 said...

For sure we stay!
A diplomatic maelstrom is gathering, if I may...

Konstantinos Travlos said...

Aha! Great post ColCampbell

It seems that peace will not reign for long in the Adriatic!

Bluebear Jeff said...

*sigh* . . . and what will this do to the tourism industry in all of these imagi-nations?

The mind boggles.

-- Jeff

Capt Bill said...

Reich Duke Wilhelm applauds the gallantry of the his Cossack Guard. Having sent his personal guard to protect Ambassador Graf Karl Ostendorf during his journey back to Mystra, Reich Duke Wilhelm must depend on local troops for protection. This situation will have to be reconsidered.

Prinz Geoffrey said...

God be praised that our cousin and young Basil escaped.

Gallia said...

Congratualtions Jim,
for achieving a colorful storyline and scenery. Much appreciated. Well done!