Monday, September 1, 2008

Finally - a Figure for Fiona

Earlier in the summer, a number of us dispatched small units or individual figures to Der Alte Fritz to partake in his Jacobite rebellion campaign games. As part of the back story for the Battle of Carmudgeon, I developed a character named "Frivolous" Fiona McGillicuddy. And several days ago, I completed painting a figure for Fiona using one of the free Old Glory Army pirate ladies.

She is holding a parasol to shed the copious amounts of rain that fall on the Britannian Isles and, for comfort on those rainy days, a bottle of single-malt Scotch whiskey from the private preserves of Clan Campbell's cellars.

many of you may be familiar with the family name of McGillicuddy. In later years, one of Fiona's descendants earned fame and fortune in New York married to that famous Cuban band master Ricky Ricardo. Yes, I speak of the red head herself - Lucy McGillicuddy Ricardo!


Martin said...

Hummm.....She may have some
"'splaing" to do about that bottle!



Capt Bill said...

Although the Reich Duke prefers beer, there is something about a red head offering a single malt that warms the heart...Wilhelm

MurdocK said...


andygamer said...

Nice work.

By chance I caught a British Antiques Roadshow rebroadcast on TV this weekend, and one of the interviews was for two bottles.

And the valuable 18th century one had a flat bottom like the one she's holding. Although it wasn't brought in by a buxom young woman. (Oh, and if you can discover who the seal on the bottle belongs to, like the specific pub, it makes them much more valuable.)

abdul666 said...

Great mini for an... interesting character!
Never too many ladies in our 'EvE' world - a little tenderness in a world of brutes.