Monday, June 16, 2008

May 2008 Painting - Finally!

Finally I get my pictures taken and posted of the troops I have added during May 2008 - a total of some 91 points (three guns and 88 foot figures). These are some of them:

The Carpanian Army added the Paulaner Fusilier Battalion, 24 strong, using Crusader figures. It will be paired with the von Stuppe Fusiliers to create a 48-figure "big battalion" for BAR games.

The Carpanians also added two guns to its arsenal, both products of the Eisenmuhlen Cannon Foundry. The first is a 12-lbr (an old Miniature Figurines gun) manned by Crusader gunners.

The second piece of artillery is a 10-lb howitzer (also Miniature Figurines), this time manned by Old Glory gunners.

And the Duchy of Courland has also been busy, uniforming the Duke's namesake Pavlovski Grenadiers. This 24-figure battalion will be paired with the Severinski Grenadiers to make a 48-figure "big battalion" for BAR games.

Among the extra and "one-of" figures I painted in May is young Alaistair Campbell, nephew of the Carpanian mercenary Scottish general, Seamus Campbell. Young Alaistair will accompany the Margarve's nephew, Siegfried Hapnich, across the water to fight with the Britannians against the Jacobite usurpers. You can read more about this on the Emperor vs Elector blog ( ) and on Der Alte Fritz's blog ( ).

Alaistair is a Front Rank figure and is my first real attempt at painting a Scottish tartan on a 28mm figure. The tartan is real simple, bright green base and bright blue stripes, but it looks fairly realistic from wargaming distances. I have Seamus and his 24-figure battalion still to do.

And finally, to complete my Colonial forces for the big George Carr Memorial Colonial game that we are running at Bayou Wars in New Orleans on June 21 (see ), I painted a 20-figure British unit. During Bayou Wars it will be the 2nd Battalion, 24th Foot, joining its sister battalion, the 1st, in the Imperial expedition to chastize the Zulu. But there will be over 1,000 Zulu figures (over 40,000 warriors) versus the slightly less than 400 Imperial troops (about 16,000 soldiers of the Queen). A battle report will follow.

June's painting will not be as impressive as I have been working on magnetic movement stands for that horde of Zulus and some terrain for the game. I'll get back to my imagi-European (SYW) figures next month, beginning with a squadron of Carpanian dragoons.


WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Lovely work! Thanks for sharing your photos, and I can't wait to see some future pictures of your troops in action.

Best Regards,


Fitz-Badger said...

I agree with Stokes (as for the pictures I see you have a photographer on hand ;-) ).

Der Alte Fritz said...

It's nice to see the buildup of your SYW armies using the highly sensible approach of pairing units together to gain one larger unit

ColCampbell50 said...


Yes, I've had that Old West photographer for a number of years. He will be accompanying the Imperial Punitive Expedition to record the chatizement of the Zulu, that is if the Zulu don't consider him a legitimate target for stealing their souls by taking their pictures!