Thursday, February 14, 2008

SYW Figure Comparison

A recent post on the Miniatures Page asking about figures to use as Spanish troops in the War of Austrian Succession and the Seven Years War has led me to post these figure comparisons to highlight a figure range that doesn't appear well known. Vince Clyant ran the London War Room in Petal, Miss. He sculpted a range of Spanish troops that are very usable for these two wars. I hope that the pictures below will broaden their exposure. I guess that I should add here that I have no financial interest in Vince's business, just trying to help get the figures a wider audience. [NOTE: The London Warroom is, as of Spring 2009, out of business. But the Spanish figure line was bought by the Dayton Painting Consortium, maker of RSM-95 figures.  They have the line on their web site.]

From left to right, these figures are: Eureka Saxon, Front Rank Prussian, TLWR Spaniard, RSM British, Sash & Saber Prussian, and Crusade Prussian. As you can see, their heights and overall designs are compatible on the war game table. I don't think that I would necessarily use them in the same unit, but that is not necessary as every one of these ranges has all the appropriate command figures required. All but the Front Rank are just black washed bare metal. The Front Rank figure has been primed with gray Gesso and then washed with black paint.

A closer look at the Eureka, Front Rank, and London War Room figures.

A closer look at the RSM, Sash & Saber, and Crusade figures.

So if you are looking for Spanish figures for WAS or SYW armies or as opponents for pirates in the New World in the 18th Century, if believe that you can't go far wrong right now with the London War Room Spaniards. Vince has line infantry, grenadiers, command figures, and mounted and dismounted dragoons that are usable in in the European and various Colonial troops that are more specific for the Americas.


abdul666 said...

Maybe I've been a teacher too long, but I think one is always doing 'right' when sharing an unsuffienctly known information. TLWR Spaniards are original and quite diverse, the side-by-side comparison shows how easily and widely usable they are.

And in imaginary Europe, Mexican Lancers can become Jinetes.

A very good initiative!

Bluebear Jeff said...

It would probably be nice if you could list the approximate prices of these figures (for both foot and mounted).

-- Jeff

ColCampbell50 said...


This is the link to the specific page in TLWR's on-line store.

Basically infantry and cavalry riders are $1.60 each and horses are $1.85 each, with lesser costs when you buy by the bag.


andygamer said...

I'm not crazy about the TLWR infantrymen but, oddly enough, I like the grenadiers.

And the Mountain Fusiliers light infantry and several of their infantry officer, ensign and sergeant poses are excellent if you already have large 28mm figures to mix them with.

Their miner and engineer figures in trench armour are a good idea too.

And I haven't bought any, but their seated infantry for use in boats would probably be quite useful for wagon riders.

WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

These are each nice figures in their respective ways, but my vote goes for the RSM and Eureka miniatures -- slender and realistically human in appearance without overly large heads, hands, or calves.

Best Regards,