Friday, February 1, 2008

Figures Painted in January 2008

For 2008, I made a decision to keep track of the figures I paint. So here's what I did in January (all 25mm Medievals). The colored numbers designate the units and their morale class, in this case green for yeomen and yellow for peasants. We use a modified version of the old "Rules by Ral" which has three morale classes - blue for knights (mounted or foot), green for yeoman (mounted or foot), and yellow for peasants (foot only). You can see a copy on our group's web site (link below) by clicking on the Rules button and scrolling down.

12 axemen:

24 archers

24 pikemen
12 peasants
All these figures were primed with gray artist's gesso, painted with acrylic craft paints, sealed with full-strength Future floor wax, brush dipped with Ace brand Walnut wood stain, and varnished with Delta Ceramcoat matte indoor varnish. They are mounted on 3/4" fender washers and then grouped in sixes on a magnetized movement base. All these units were used in a medieval game we had today with our local wargames group
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I also continued work on 26 25mm SYW Prussians and some assorted other figures, which will be finished in February.


andygamer said...

This is about some unpainted figures of yours: you could paint the four Spencer Smith cavalry as a small Garde du Corps as a monarch's or general's escort.

andygamer said...

And thanks for the link to the Jackson Gamers' web site and your various 15mm 18th Century mini-campaigns.

Bluebear Jeff said...

I'm looking forward to the SYW Prussian pictures.

-- Jeff

ColCampbell50 said...


I was given eight more Spencer Smith cavalry which will compose the Constantine Horse (named after the donor) in my army of the Duchy of Courland. There will be areport and pictures later in the year when I get to them in my painting queue.


WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Hi Jim,

Wow! These are really nice looking figures. How did you develop your post-painting (damage protection) technique?

Best Regards,