Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Medieval Crossbows


After a couple of games last month using the "Lion Rampant, 2nd Edition" rules, I saw a need to complete a unit of crossbows.  I had four painted 25mm figures obtained a number of years ago and decided to match them with eight unpainted figures that I had acquired a fewer number of years ago.  I knew I couldn't even begin to match the paint job of the original figures.

So here we have my new unit of twelve crossbows:

Please click on image for a larger picture.

I think you can probably tell which ones are newly painted (hint, their helmets are all the same) and which ones I bought already painted.

My Medieval troops are all (or will soon be) mounted on hexagonal bases to distinguish them from the forces raised by my wargaming buddy Lord Sterling which are either on round bases or rectangular/square bases.

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