Sunday, March 13, 2022

In Support of Ukraine


I don't normally post about current world events on this blog since I created it to showcase my hobby of military miniatures and wargaming.  But in this case I'm going to bend my "rules."

Today my wife and I provided flowers to decorate the sanctuary in our church.  We chose sunflowers, the national flower of Ukraine.  The ribbon was supposed to be blue and yellow but I think that I goofed when telling the florist what I wanted.  Be that as it may, the arrangement was all I expected it to be and garnered a number of supportive comments.

If you desire to contribute to the humanitarian relief effort, may I endorse Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) as a worthy agency.  You can make donations here.  PDA is the emergency and refugee program of the Presbyterian Church USA and is responding to the conflict with emergency humanitarian aid through partners already on the ground.  PDA has been working with these partners for a number of years.

Thanks you and God bless!

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