Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Rebasing the Normans - Part 1

I spent a couple of days over the weekend beginning to rebase my Norman troops, starting with the mounted figures.  My Normans are a mix of vintage Miniature Figurines and Table Top Games castings from the "good old" lead figures days.  I painted all of the MiniFigs and a few of the TTG figures.  The rest of the TTG figures were purchased already painted.

Please click on each image to get a larger picture.

The Norman command groups.
Front center is the senior leader with his two main subordinate leaders to either side.
Across the back are four junior leader.
I use circular bases to distinguish my leaders from the combat troops, who are mounted on 'standard' 40mm x 30mm steel bases.

Norman mounted knights -- The Green Knights
These, as well as all the others, are mounted on 85mm x 65mm foamcore movement bases that have magnetic material on top and a piece of flex steel on the bottom.  The thickness of the foamcore makes it easy to pick up the whole base.

Norman mounted knights -- The Blue Knights

Norman mounted knights -- The Red Knights

Norman allied heavy cavalry, unit 1

Norman allied heavy cavalry, unit 2

Norman medium (unarmored) cavalry, unit 1

Norman medium (unarmored) cavalry, unit 2 

And I'm also taking this opportunity to show my 'jury-rigged' photo set-up.

It is made from three pieces of foamcore covered with a sheet of light blue poster board.  The small light on the left is an Ott Light while the one on the right is a standard clamp-on desk task light.  Between the two there is enough light cast for taking most pictures without having to use a flash.  I store the "booth" and the tripod (front center) atop my storage cabinet in another corner of the room.  

Just above the task light is a framed picture of three Franco-Prussian War soldiers, a bequest from the late Larry Brom, author of "The Sword and the Flame" and "Chassepot and Needlegun" rules, and a good friend.

Still working on painting more troops -- a unit of Khazar heavy bow cavalry is next in line followed by five units of Arab medium/warrior infantry.

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Michael Murphy said...

Nice job on the rebasing and I like the jury rigged photo booth. I need one of those. Do you use a regular camera or do you smartphone it?