Tuesday, October 20, 2020

French 9th Mitrailleuse Battery, 15th Loire Corps Artillery

During the Republican period (post Sedan and Metz) of the Franco-German War (1870-1871), the French forces were obtaining weapons from whatever source they could to replace all the ones lost when almost all of the Imperial Army surrendered.  One of the weapons they obtained was the American Gatling gun.

Having several extra Ral Partha Victorian Gatlings laying around, I decided to make my corps artillery Mitrailleuse battery with the Gatlings.

The 9th Mitrailleuse Battery, 15th Loire Corps Artillery

The guns are Ral Partha while the figures are, I believe, either Frontier or Falcon.  I obtained them from various sources over the years.  While the uniform may not be quite right, for the Republican period they are sufficient.

This has been my "break" from painting WW2 Germans, which I'll start again with the heavy weapons support for my kampfgruppe -- an MG-42 on a sustained firing mount and a medium mortar.

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