Tuesday, November 12, 2019

More Russians

As promised, although a little delayed, are some more Napoleonic Russians.  These are all Miniature Figurines figures.  They form part of my Russian contingent "Corps Winzingerode" of the Allied Army of the North.

The 1st Battalion, Musketeer Regiment Tula, Division Detachment Harpe

The 3rd Battalion, Musketeer Regiment Tula, Division Detachment Harpe
During my selected period, 1813, the Russian infantry (musketeer) regiments had three battalions of which only the 1st and 3rd were considered active field units.  The 2nd battalion was a depot battalion.  During the 1812 campaign and following on into 1813 and 1814, the grenadier/schutzen company was withdrawn and combined with the companies of two other depot battalions to form three-company combined grenadier battalions.  Also during the 1812 campaign, some of the grenadier-less depot battalions were pressed into field service as three-company battalions.

Heavy Artillery Battery #21, 21st Infantry Division
Armed with 12-lb guns and 20-pound licornes, the heavy battery provided the big punch to the Russian infantry divisions and corps.

This will be the last Napoleonic figures I paint for a while.  Our gaming group will be having a "Franco-German" (AKA "Franco-Prussian") War theme in 2020 for the 150th anniversary of the war that established the 2nd German Reich.  Our first battle will be on the Monday Martin Luther King holiday as our friend Tim C. joins us from North Carolina for our annual MLK Carnage and Glory game.

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Jay Stribling said...

Nice looking infantry and guns.