Tuesday, August 27, 2019

15mm Union Cavalry

My friend Electric Ed is developing a club game for us to play on September 21.  He is using the "Fire and Fury" rules with the 1st Day of Chickamauga as the setting.  But the challenge is that Ed doesn't own any 15mm ACW figures.  So three of us are helping him out - Phil with Union infantry and artillery and most of the Confederate cavalry, Larry with Confederate infantry and artillery, and me with Union cavalry and the balance of the Confederate cavalry.  So for the past month or so, I've been working on painting enough Union cavalry for 11 mounted stands (at 2 figures per stand), 8 dismounted stands (at 3 figures per stand), and 3 horse holder stands.

I'm using almost all of my Union cavalry figures in this endeavor from several different manufacturers.  Although they are currently based for "Fire and Fury" rules, they will eventually be permanently based for the "On to Richmond!" rules.

Eleven stands of Union cavalry which will later be divided into Wilder's mounted infantry ("Lightning") brigade and Minty's cavalry ("Saber") brigade.

Eight stands of dismounted cavalry and three stands of horse holders, which also will later be divided into Wilder's and Minty's brigades.
I know that the dismounted command stand's flag is incorrect for a cavalry unit, but it will go to Wilder's Brigade which carried the standard Union infantry colors.

Now to get to work on the Confederate cavalry, which will be reported separately.

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