Thursday, June 20, 2019

A Blast from the Past, Part 2

Here's another "Blast from the Past" picture courtesy of one of the original Jackson Gamers, Tim C.

Larry Brom, playing the Duke of Wellington, at a game in Indianola in the summer of 1977.  It was played in the printing press section of the Indianola "Enterprise-Tocsin" newspaper.  The cabinets on the wall behind Larry contain the lead print type that they used to use.  Jay S. gave a description of Larry's part as:

Larry was commanding the allied center - perhaps as the Iron Duke himself.  I remember that the British heavy cavalry let him down.  At the supreme moment when they could have pushed the disorganized French cuirassiers back - and perhaps routed them - both of his heavy reserve cavalry regiments (the Life Guards and "the Blues") failed their morale and would not charge.  Whenever I see photos or video of them trotting along guarding the queen or some other royal person, all that I can think is 

Ha!  You let Larry down at the battle in Indianola."

Lori Brom tells an excellent story about them asking for directions to get to Indianola as they were new arrivals in Mississippi at the time.  Seems they pulled into a country store in Belzoni and asked several teenaged boys in traditional Chinese dress, fully expecting to have to decipher English spoken wit ha heavy Chinese accent.  Instead they got 'good ole Southern twang' from these 4th, 5th, or 6th generation descendants of some of the Chinese laborers who came to help pick cotton, but soon branched out into the grocery and many other businesses.  Ask her to relate that to you when next to see her.

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