Thursday, May 23, 2019

A Blast from the Past

Rediscovered this vintage wargaming photo as I started going through boxes of photographs from my late parents house.

This is a picture of a Napoleonic wargame fought in the early 1970s at my parents house.  We are in the wing that contained my two brothers and my bedrooms in the 30' x 10' "playroom" outside the three bedrooms.  It was just enough room for a gaming table.

One of our "line them all up and go at each other" 25mm Napoleonic games.
I don't remember all the participants, but Jay S. is seated on the lower left with the late Marshall Jones standing at the left rear.  Tim C. is barely seen standing on the right.


Jay Stribling said...

The gamer on the right of the image with dark hair and black glasses (didn't we all have those glasses) reaching across to move his troops is Mac Fulghum.

bkbreakerbk said...

I don't remember the details of the game itself, but I remember the occasion, and the fact that the Pitts' residence was the venue. I was about to jump in and identify Mac, but Jay beat me to the punch. Mac was a lover of "all things Prussian." Do you now own the troops Mac had, Jay? Apparently no one remembers the name of the person between Jay and Marshall. Maybe he was a "one time only" fellow---kinda like Jay with the ACW reenactments (LOL). No doubt Jim was taking the pic, but where was Whit? Surely he was there. It was rather hard to NOT have Whit in the photo! Y'all know I loved Whit, and you know I'm not saying that in a "mean" way. Good memories here! Thanks for posting.

bkbreakerbk said...

Oh....uh....that "bkbreakerbk" thing was me---Tim Chadwick.