Thursday, December 13, 2018

Mystery Napoleonic (?) Figures

I'm trying to identify the manufacturer of these Napoleonic (I think) figures.  They are "true" 25mm figures cast in lead, not pewter.  I got the group of three officers and 16 soldiers a number of years ago but as far as I can recall the seller didn't know the manufacturer.


Thanks to the help I received on TMP, I went looking for the Frontier Miniatures line.  Now evidently out of production, I did find some "no longer in stock" groups of Frontier figures on the Noble Knight Games site.  Once I looked at the pictures, I realized this is where I procured them.  And as others guessed, they do appear to be Crimean War figures.  But I'll probably still use them as Prussian landwehr.

Thanks to everyone who helped over on TMP!!

Officer and soldier

Number engraved on bottom
I think both figures are Napoleonic Prussian landwehr.  Both have the letters "CW" and a number [3 for the officer and 11 for the soldier] engraved on the bottom.

Any help would be appreciated since I'd like to get some more if they are still available.

Many thanks!!

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Khusru said...

A good reason for manufacturers to post photo's of their figures. This question of identification comes up time and again.