Friday, September 1, 2017

From ACW to FPW

Although I haven't made any posts lately, I have been painting away on my Franco-German War (as I call it) figures as well as mounting some ACW pictures painted by my friend, Larry the Marine.

After hosting a FPW game in late July, I got on a painting kick to finish some French and Prussian figures.  I already had one battalion of the French Republican Volontaires de l'Ouest painted.  I bought enough figures at Historicon to complete the other two battalions of the regiment.  Here is the 1st battalion, minus its flag which has since been prepared and mounted.

The Volontaires de l'Ouest were formed from the old Pontifical Zouaves and were probably one of the better regiments in the Republican armies to the south of Paris.  In my army, they form part of the XV Corps, Army of the Loire.  The figures are actually Union zouaves from Sash & Saber's ACW line since I couldn't find any appropriate zouaves wearing kepis.

Continuing with the FPW theme is the headquarters of IX Korps, 2nd Prussian Army which in my army is deployed south of Paris to keep the Loire rabble from interrupting the siege of Paris.

This HQ group utilizes a mix of Foundry, Castaway Arts, and Irregular (I think) figures to depict General der Infanterie Albrecht Gustav von Mannstein and his battle staff.  His uhlan aide is handing him a dispatch from a subordinate commander while his artillery staff officer keeps track of the battle through his binoculars.

Turning to the American Civil War, my gaming friend Larry the Marine recently painted a division of Union troops for me.  I'm organizing Union and Confederate forces for the Middle Tennessee campaigns of 1863 using the On to Richmond rules where each brigade is composed of 3 to 8 stands of figures.  Here is Beatty's 1st Brigade, Negley's 2nd Division, Thomas' XIV Corps, Army of the Cumberland.

Beatty's battleline ready to give fire into the attacking Confederates.
Right flank of the line.
These are Old Glory 15s Union figures from which I have trimmed the bayonets as they are in firing poses.  I use 8 figures on all the bases of each brigade except for one upon which I place a mounted officer (the brigade commander) and 6 figures.

I've made previous posts showing some of my first Union and Confederate units which you can see by clicking on the "American Civil War" label in the list below.

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