Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Campaigning is Beginning in Central Europa

The campaign season is upon us.  The snows in the Thuringian Forest have melted and the grass is lush in the valleys and dales.  Commissary agents for the various Electoral and Imperium states as well as from Germania, Britannia, and Gallia have been scouring the countryside for food stuffs and animal fodder.  The bakeries and cannon foundries are working overtime.  Surely war is coming once again to Europa.

Eisenmuhlen cannon foundry in Carpania (picture by Col Campbell)

Field bakery in Hesse-Seewald (picture from Der Alte Fritz's blog)

Having heard rumblings of Imperial activity in the Saxon lands near our neighbor and ally the Kingdom of Hesse-Seewald, the Markgraf has directed his small army to march southeast through Coburg to threaten the Imperial base at Bayreuth.  General der Infanterie Baron Rolfe von Stuppe, commander of the Carpanian army, is mustering his regiments, aided by a Britannian infantry regiment and heavy dragoon squadron as well as several guns.  Baron von Stuppe is using the appellation Electorische Armee Thuringen (Electoral Army in Thuringia) for his small force since Carpania supports the Electoral forces headed by King Friedrich II of Germania.

Markgraf von Hapnich of Carpania watches his army muster (picture by Col Campbell)
The advance guard of Carpanian jagers and dragoons leaves Potsdorf for the field (picture by Col Campbell)
At the Imperial base at Bayreuth, the Reichsarmeeabteilung Obere-Sachsen (Army Detachment Upper Saxony) has been marshalling its forces under the command of Feldmarshall-Leutnant Freiherr Bernard von Alderheim.  It consists of forces from Courland, Sachsen-Wachsenstein, and Gallia.  Von Alderheim has deployed his pulk (regiment) of Courland Cossacks out to the northwest of Bayreuth to keep an eye out for the Carpanians, whom he is sure will march to the support of the Hesse-Seewalders.

FML Freiherr von Alderheim (picture by Col Campbell)

Courland Cossacks and Pandurs deploy to screen the mustering (picture by Col Campbell)
For additional details of developments in Hesse-Seewald, please refer to these blog postings from Der Alte Fritz:  

This is in preparation for a SYW imagi-nations game on Saturday, April 18.

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