Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mounted Men-at-Arms (Medieval)

I just completed nine mounted men-at-arms (knights) for my 25mm medieval forces.  These knights can be used for either the venerable Rules by Ral or the newer Lion Rampant rules.

The first batch are three knights are to round out several units.  The other six are a new unit.  Please click on the pictures for larger images.

Two Miniature Figurine mounted knights flank a Teutonic knight from an unknown manufacturer.  Both banners are hand-painted over a pre-printed banner.

A unit of six knights, all from the same unknown manufacturer, will be led by the guy in the bright yellow outfit and the duck on his helmet (le Baron de Canard).

EDIT:  Thanks to Nic and Daryl on The Miniatures Page, it appears that the "Teutonic" knight and the six in the second picture are probably all Essex figures.
I have three more knights to paint to bring another unit up to strength, then its on to some venerable 25mm Scruby Napoleonic French infantry to start getting ready for a play test in May of the scenario I'll be using at our regional convention, Bayou Wars, whose theme is "1215(Rochester/Manga Carter)/1415 (Agincourt)/1615(Osaka)/1815(Waterloo)."  My scenario will involve the Prussian pursuit of Grouchy's wing after the fighting at Wavre, as I have it planned now.  I'm also seriously thinking about a 1415-ish game, probably using Lion Rampant rules, involving actions either before or after Agincourt.

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