Monday, July 21, 2014

Residential Houses - Finished

This past weekend I finally completed the two residential houses that I have been working upon for a couple of weeks.  From previous posts you will recall that these are paper mache "box" houses that I bought on sale at a local Michael's craft store.  Clad with paper brickwork adorned with doors and windows and paper roofing shingles, they are mounted on a 5mm foam core base.

Brick paving was added to the back in the form of a small patio and a walk to the back gate.

Here are the backyard walls with Missus Maude and Charlotta looking at the improvements.

On the fronts, I added iron rail fencing made from plastic sewing mesh that was suitably cut and trimmed and a cobblestone sidewalk.

The rears with all the brick paving in place, plus the walls and the rear cobblestone pathway intersected by the brick alley.

The front fencing has now been painted a gloss black and looks more like the wrought iron it is meant to be.

Grass has been planted in the small front yards and down the sides ...

and in the back yards.  The back yard walls have finally be glued into place.  The two houses are not glued into place but are held fairly securely by the front and rear stoops and the front fences and rear walls.

The final product in a sunny setting atop an old tree stump in my back yard.

And the rear view.
 In addition to finishing the two residential houses, the East Bergholt town hall was secured to its base, also 5mm foam core.

The borders were covered with cobblestone sidewalks.  The town hall still needs its sign over the front door.  The back door may become the town constabulary entrance if I can't find a suitable building for them.

More anon as I still have a fourth "Michael's" building to clad, many more paper buildings to cut out and construct, and some more "wilder" hedges to make, probably using this technique that was posted on The Miniatures Page:  DIY Bocage Hedges .


A J said...

They look smart. I like the iron railings.

Jason said...

They look great. Any tips on how you made the skins?

Andrew Fielden said...

They look very good sir - just thought I had to comment by the way as I used to live in West Bergholt (Essex) and my first proper girlfriend had lived in East Bergholt (Suffolk)!!!!!!

ColCampbell50 said...

Jason - See July 7th posts about these houses. The web site I used is linked from there.

Andrew - Such a small world, ain't it?


Andrew Fielden said...

Well there you go. As a little extra nugget I was also a Captain in the locally raised Royal Artillery Battery, 202 Battery (Suffolk and Norfolk Yeomanry). This had quite a pedigree having been raised in 1794 as the Loyal Suffolk Hussars transferring to Artillery in the First World War - have a look at this Wikipedia Page

Cant help but feel that this is quite in keeping with your VBCW.

All the best

Cpt Andrew Fielden R.A. (V) Retd.