Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Paint for Victory - Part 6

Last night I completed my final troops and vehicles for my convention game on Saturday.  Whew!  Now all I need to do is complete some more hedge sections, but I have this evening and all day tomorrow, since I'm taking off from work, to accomplish as much as I can.

The Harwich Maritime Defence Force ("Red" sailors) added a heavy machinegun team (Brigade Games WW1 in East Africa figures) and a cargo truck (metal die cast job):

Harwich Maritime Defence Force machinegun team of three men, plus an already painted rifleman from one of the rifle sections in an overwatch position.

A small cargo truck.  Originally blue but sprayed black while the canvas was sprayed tan.  I added the red star side banner to designate its allegiance.  Rifleman is to give scale.

The Royalists added a command reconnaissance car for their tank officer and final details on their tank and armored scout cars, all of a detachment of the Essex Yeomanry:

Command reconnaissance car on left (was a Ford) that got sprayed drab green then painted in the "apple-ish" green I use for my British military vehicles with leather seats, a "rag top," and side decals.  The tank on the left got a commander in the hatch and side decals.  The officer in the center commands this little detachment of the Essex Yeomanry.

The two armored scout cars with decals on their fronts.  Eventually they'll get vehicle commanders and forward firing machineguns.

And finally, the British Union of Fascists Special Assault Section's armored truck was completed.  Here it is as it was being constructed.  The design was based on a police truck from 1920 Belfast. 
EDIT:  Here is a better description of the Crossley modification upon which I based my vehicle.
The figure, the SAS leftenant, gives some scale to the vehicle.

Hood covered with "metal" plate and "metal" sidewalls with supports added.  It is based on a Crossley carrier.

The cab has now been armored.

After a spray of flat black, roof supports were added.  They are plastic tubing and bent straight pins.

The anti-grenade mesh is a black plastic mesh I rescued from the trash (dust bin) and super-glued over the supports and around the sides.  The decal finishes it off.  To the left is a Crossley carrier as to comes straight from the "factory."

Final view with the "Falcons" banner of the BUF SAS flying proudly.  It is really top heavy so may not be able to go on slopes but it should do OK on roads and across fairly level countryside.

Well, that's it for now.  I hopefully will get some pictures of my additional hedges posted by tomorrow night.  But if not, then definitely on next Monday after I get back from the convention.  I'll also have the convention pictures posted then as well.

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