Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Houses from Michaels

Last Monday I was out in northeastern Jackson metropolitan area and stopped by the Michaels store.  While there I found a clearance area containing a number of different size and shape paper mache boxes.  There were four in the shape of two story houses which I bought for 99 cents each.  Even if I botch the "artwork" to decorate them as houses, they were well worth the expenditure.

A Royalist officer and a BUF commander pose in front of a newly acquired house.   As you can see from the ruler, it is about 6" tall to the ridge of te roof and 7" to the top of the chimney.  The roof comes off so that things can be placed inside, which also means we can put troops inside.  I'll decorate these with  doors, windows, and other trim.

A view with the roof removed, showing the front dormer and the side chimney in better detail.

Two of the houses side by side, each being about 5-1/2" wide and about 4-1/2" deep.  I think they will look good both as stand alone buildings and as row houses.
More later as Campbell's Construction Company works its "magic" on these.

1 comment:

Bluebear Jeff said...

That looks like an excellent find, sir.

Too bad they only had a few, I'm sure that (at that price) you'd have happily purchased a few more.

I look forward to seeing them after you've done your bit.

-- Jeff