Friday, February 1, 2013

'Murican Reinforcements

The 'Murican army has just received some reinforcements to assist in its campaign to free the colonies from the Britannians.

Barber's (New Jersey) Light Infantry Battalion, composed of vintage Jack Scruby figures
Morgan's Continental Regiment, composed of a mixture of figure manufacturers
I have had the old Jacks Scruby figures I used for Barber's Battalion around for probably 30 years.  Only this month have I finally gotten them painted!  Morgan's Regiment is designed to be used as either a rifle regiment, a "mismatch uniformed" Continental regiment, or a militia regiment, as needed.  Twelve of the eighteen figures have been painted for a number of years.  This month I added another six to bring it "up to strength."

In addition to these 'Murican reinforcements, a new general has arrived from Hesse-Coburg to lead some of the Hessian units in the Britannian army.  I haven't decided on his name yet; any suggestions?

A Miniature Figurines mounted American Revolution officer painted as a Hessian


Martin said...

Stout looking troops indeed! No doubt they will be welcomed on the tabletop. As for the General's could always go with the old Bugs Bunny AWI cartoon with Yosemite Sam as "Sam von Spam...a Hessian with a lot of agression!"

Phil said...

Morgan's Continental Regiment is looking very nice, I like the differnt poses and the painting, very nice work!