Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snow! In Mississippi ?!?

Yes,  we had snow in Mississippi this morning!  After receiving warnings from the National Weather Service last night, we awoke to 2-3" of snow this morning.  While most of the roads were clear, the bridges and overpasses, especially on the Interstate highways, soon iced over.  Snow is such a rarity here in the deep South that our road crews aren't as well equipped as those further north.  The state and city road crews did what they could, but still schools were closed or their openings were delayed.  Even state offices were delayed in opening (which is why I'm posting this so early and from home!).

The front of my house after the snow had stopped coming down
One of my across the street neighbors with the last of the snow coming down
My car, covered by 2-3" of snow
Off my back porch
The woods behind my house
But this will almost all be gone by this evening.  That is one of the good things about a deep South snow - it doesn't last long!

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David Morfitt said...

Looks very like our snow here in Warwickshire - except ours has hung around for a couple of weeks! Must be good to have it go so quickly... ;-)