Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ice Halo around Moon

This evening as my daughters left to return to their house, we noticed that the moon had a huge ice halo around it.  It is the biggest halo that I have ever seen.  The halo was wider that my outstretched hand from the end of my thumb to the end of my little finger (about 9") at arm's length.  It truly was a magnificent sight.

I have taken a picture of it but my camera's field of view wasn't wide enough to catch the halo is all its glory.  But here it is for your viewing pleasure.

The halo ring is out at the margins and corners of the picture.  There was a smaller ring much closer to the moon.  The dark splotches in the lower right corner are the upper branches of a huge oak tree in my yard.

The picture was taken about 9:00 pm CDT using an Olympus SP-320 digital camera with the night scene setting from my driveway in Jackson, Mississippi.


Unknown said...

Hey Col I can understand the ring. It's minus 19 Celsius here with the windchill. I am in Sherwood Park Alberta Canada. Anyway nice to see you posting and Merry Christmas mt friend ... Jeff

The Greenish Blue Book said...

Ice Halos are simply amazing! One of the first I saw was actually a circumscribed one around the moon, very similar to yours. After I found out what it actually is and how it is formed, I became a Halo hunter"!