Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bayou Wars Report - Part 1

It has been two weeks since Bayou Wars, the HMGS Gulf-South regional convention (link) in Kenner, Louisiana ( a suburb of New Orleans).  But those two weeks have seen me go through first a viral sinus infection and then a bacteriological sinus infection.  I've finally felt energized enough to post the pictures I took.  Herewith are general pictures I took of various games being run at the convention, in no particular order.

15mm Battle of Albuera - Napoleonic Peninsular battle

Battle for Henderson Road - 15mm SciFi
Battle of Isle of St. George - 1:2400 WW2 naval, French vs Italian in the Med, 1940

Battle of Ligny- 15mm Napoleonic Waterloo campaign

Battle of the Crossroads - 15mm Seven Years War; Austro-Russians versus Prussians

Battle of Borodino - 1:72 Napoleonic, 1812 (200th anniversary)

Burn the Village - 25mm Victorian Colonial

Chariot Racing makes a triumphant return to Bayou Wars

Command and Colors Napoleonic - with 15mm figures!

Firestorm Armada - spaceship battle on star scape gaming mat

French and Indian War - 25mm with a lovely fort

The Foraging Party - 25mm ACW Brother vs Brother

Battle of Cross Keys - 15 mm ACW in The Valley (150th anniversary)

March and Die - 54mm French Foreign Legion vs Arabs

Panzers' Graveyard - 15mm WW2 armor action

Invasion of Peleliu - WW2 in the Pacific

Search for the Gold Monkey - 25mm pulp action (the ship is over 4 feet long!)

Ship featured in the Search for the Gold Monkey game

The Patrol - 25mm "Sergeants 3" action on the Northwest Frontier

WW2 air to air combat
That is just a sample of all the action that was going during six 4-hour gaming periods over three days.  Plus there were several tournaments and a bunch of dealers.  This is an excellent regional convention that is easily accessible for gamers from Texas to Tennessee to Florida.  Hope to see you next year!

Parts 2 and 3 will cover the games in which I directly participated as either a gamemaster or a supporting producer.

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