Friday, April 27, 2012

Back of Beyond Troops Bases Enhanced

After my test game last Saturday, it was quickly apparent that although I could tell my units apart, my gaming buddies were having trouble.  So after some constructive comments from them, I spent today enhancing the bases so the different units of the same type of figure could be distinguished from each other.

I added dark green or brownish green flock, fine sand, fine talus, combinations, and additions to all the bases.  Now we'll be able to distinguish between the British, American, and Chinese troop units.  The bases aren't quite completed as I still need to fix the "flocking" and add the officer and sergeant rank insignias.

The entire group of units after basing enhancements have been added.

Front row are the missionary and his daughters (both their passive and action figures).  Front right corner contains the Marine headquarters element.  Both Marine sections are behind the missionaries.  One of the German-equipped Chinese units is behind the Marine HQ element.

Front left unit is one of the Chinese warlord units, while the Ghurkhas are to the front right.  Across behind them (from left to right) are two Chinese commanders (one in German outfit and the other the Warlord himself), then the senior British sergeant and officer, and the two British Vickers machinegun teams with their sergeant.

Finally the two British infantry sections are in front with a German-equipped Chinese unit (left rear) and a warlord Chinese unit (right rear) behind them.  On the far left are the Chinese mortar team and heavy machinegun team.

I was pleased with the way the enhancements added to the basing of the figures and helped to distinguish one national unit from another.


Fitz-Badger said...

That's a different and interesting way to distinguish units or sides from each other. Seems like it could be effective enough, too, without being too "in your face".

Jay said...

Creative and effective.