Thursday, March 29, 2012

"China" Marines

After much starting and stopping and restarting, I finally completed my unit of "China" Marines for the Back of Beyond.  They are Brigade Games miniatures from their Caribbean Empires range.  I already had a few and bought the rest from my Metarie friend "Zombie" Ken.  So here they are:

The Headquarters Section - Captain Jack Kelley with his bulldog Chesty, his gunnery sergeant (left), and a two-man BAR team (right)

The 1st Section, commanded by an experienced 1st lieutenant and a veteran sergeant; consisting of four armed with Thompson sub-machineguns, two BAR gunners, and six riflemen.  You just can't fool around when you are facing the Chinese hordes!

The 2nd Section, commanded by a green 2nd lieutenant and a veteran sergeant; with the same composition as the 1st Section.
These "Devil Dogs" will see action on April 21st in the play test of the game I am running at our regional Bayou Wars convention (June).  OORAH!!  Semper Fi!!

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Jay said...

Hi, Col. Great paint job. Chesty takes the trophy for best looking Devil Dog.