Saturday, February 11, 2012

German-Equipped Chinese Troops

After a dismal month of painting in January, I got motivated and completed my two dozen Brigade Games China at War figures.  They are six of the eight packs available from that Brigade Games line.  I've divided them into two 12-figure sections, each with an officer, a sergeant, eight soldiers, and a two-man light machinegun team.

The "Red" Section, led by the senior officer (in soft cap), are mainly in firing and other stationary poses.

The "Gold" Section, led by the junior officer (in helmet with pistol), are all advancing/action poses.
The light machineguns are Czechoslovakian made, while the machine pistols and rifles are all German made.

I think that this unit will make a formidable opponent for their Anglo-American opponents in my Bayou Wars (June 2012) convention game.  They will also "double" as German-allied Central American warlord troops in another Bayou Wars "pulp fiction" game being run by my friend Bill and me.

I've started on my American Marines (also Brigade Games figures) and hope to have them completed before the end of February.

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ColKillgore said...

your troops look good. I have been looking at the Brigade games chinese troops but haven't picked any up yet. For my Warlord era Chinese troops I use either Renegade late war German light machine gunners armed with lewis guns and MG08/15s or some Boltaction partisan light machine gunners armed with Bren guns and DP lmgs, that I converted to have Adrian helmets to match the rest of my Chinese troops.