Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bayou Wars Pictures - Part 2

This set of pictures from the Gulf South regional convention will focus on one of the games in which I played.

My friend Bill ran a pulp fiction game using the Two Fat Lardies rules I Ain't Been Shot, Mum that pitted a British column escorting some archaeologists (with their treasures) against some Chinese bandits.  Aiding the British was a unit of American rocketeers while a detachment of German Zeppelintruppe were somewhat allied with the Chinese bandits.

The jungle covered terrain traversed by a rough road and a small stream.  The various flagged markers are the "blinds" that the players use to initially mark their troop positions.
The British column led by HMAC Ajax, a Rolls Royce armoured car.  The archaeologists are beside the Ajax while their "treasure" truck in behind it.  The flags are the blinds that the British players used to initially conceal their sections' locations.
The British column consisted of His Majesty's Armoured Car Ajax, two "big" men (to use the rules' parlance), two British infantry sections, a Ghurkha infantry section, and a Vickers machinegun team.  They were escorting five archaeologists and their "treasure" truck.  Their objective was to proceed across the stream and exit the playing area on the opposite side.

The afternoon sun glints off the stream.  The various flagged markers are the blinds each player used to conceal their initial locations and forces.
A closer look at the Ajax and the archaeologists' truck, with one of the British blinds to the right of the truck.
The German blinds in the background have spotted one of the British blinds, revealing an eight man section, one of the "big" men, and the Vickers machinegun team.
The Germans had two or three (I can't remember exactly) sections of Zeppelintruppe that had off-loaded from their Zeppelin which was off the board.  Their mission was to "invite" the archaeologists to return to the Fatherland, meet Der Fuehrer, and assist the Reich in their hunt for powerful archaeological relics.

More British forces, some of the Germans, and one of the Chinese sections have been revealed.  The Ajax has crossed the stream but has been pinned down by the Chinese bandit ambush.
There were four bands of Chinese bandits.  One of them had a heavy machinegun team and another had a heavy mortar.  Between those two, they were able to pin the British.  The Chinese mission was to block the British column and recover the looted treasures from the archaeologists.

Towards the end of the game with the British still pinned at the stream crossing.  The red markers are "wound" indicators which are decrements to the fighting strength of the sections.  The American rocketeers are just off the picture to the left.  There were three sections of rocketeers whose mission was to aid their British allies.  The figure at the rear of the archaeologists' truck is one of the German "big men" who was trying to reach the archaeologists.
The British were unable to complete their mission due to the able emplacement of the ambushes by the Chinese.  But the Germans didn't complete their mission either as all the archaeologists remained under British control.

It was a fun little game and my British, Ghurkha, and Chinese troops all saw action together.  HMAC Ajax was unfortunately outclassed by the Chinese heavy weapons and really didn't have much impact on the fighting.  We'll definitely have more of these games up in Jackson during the coming months.


A J said...

Very good report. I'm a fan of the Too Fat Lardies' work, and it's nice to see the rules used in Back of Beyond encounters. Thanks for sharing.

Ian from said...

Great post, loves the photo's.