Thursday, December 30, 2010

Britannian 5th Foot, Part 3

Finally, the third division of the 5th Britannian Regiment of Foot have joined their comrades, marching into the barracks yesterday after completing the issue of their uniforms and weapons.

Major General Manly-Barton reviews the 3rd division, 5th Foot, after they arrive at Col Campbell's Barracks.

The third division, all Dixon figures, is composed of one officer (second from left, front rank), one sergeant (right figure, rear rank), one drummer (in front of sergeant), and nine hatmen.  The officer is ordering his men to "Preseeeeent  Arms!!" as General Manly-Barton  approaches.

The color party, one officer, two ensigns, and two color sergeants, await final finishing details, basing, and attachment of the flags.  Their picture should be posted tomorrow as well as a picture of the completed regiment.


Capt Bill said...

Fine looking lads, indeed!!!

tidders2 said...

Fine looking fellows, like the grenadiers - those mitre cap fronts are tricky to paint

-- Allan