Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Britannian Royal Artillery and July Painting Totals

In addition to the Compagnies Galliens (previous post), I also completed five Britannian Royal Artillery figures.  These were among a group of Dayton Painting Consortium RSM-95 figures I bought on eBay several years ago.

I added a RAFM ramrod to the figure on the right and a piece of wire to the figure on the left as a gun spike.  The figure on the front left had a full coat so I painted him as an officer.  Three of the other figures were also wearing coats, but with turnbacks, so they became regular gunners.  The fifth figure (left background) is just in his sleeved vest and without his hat.

The  gun is a RAFM 6-lbr, I believe.  It also came as part of the eBay lot.

Coupled with three seconded Britannian infantry, they manned two 6-lbr guns helping to defend the Britannian colony from the attacking Asturians (Spanish) and Gallians (French) in my latest Capitania General de Florida game.

So for the month of July, I painted and based 6 Woodland Indians, 5 Britannian artillerymen, and 33 Compagnies Galliens, as well as 1 Japanese 1:2400 scale "pre-dreadnought" armored cruiser.  In addition, I constructed 10 sections of temporary breastworks (which were about as involved as painting a figure!).  This my "Olley" point total for July was a respectable 44 points of figures, 1 ship, and 10 terrain pieces, as well as planning and running two Capitania General de Florida games.   Whew!!


Capt Bill said...

I have come to really admire RSM's...

Fitz-Badger said...

Nice work on these and the two companies of Compagnies Gallien in the previous post!

Bluebear Jeff said...

You have a very nice, well-animated gun crew there. They should do well on the table top.

-- Jeff