Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Murican Militia

Finally, with all the preparations completed for my Victorian colonial convention game this Saturday, I can return to painting tricornes instead of topees and turbans!

Here is part of a company of 18 Murican colonial militia from the southern colony of Georgiana.  This colony borders the colonial lands of the Capitania General de Florida and thus it maintains a standing militia to guard its southern borders.  A second 18-figure company is already primed and will be started soon.

These are RSM95 American Revolution militia which I've completed the basic painting.  Tonight I'll apply the Future coating and when it is dry tomorrow, the wash of walnut wood stain, followed by a matte shellac.  They will be mounted individually on 3/4" square bases.

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Looks like you will soon have your troops ready. Good luck with your game at Bayou Wars. Look foreward to seeing you and Sean at Jays for the game after Bayou Wars.