Thursday, October 8, 2009

September 2009 Painting

Since I was preparing for two "big battalion" games this month (one on September 19 and the other on October 3), I didn't get much painting done - just 10 "Olley" points. But I did construct two rather large paper buildings, including a walled cemetery and graves for one.

This figure is a mounted officer from the (sadly) out-of-production Spanish range from the London Warroom. He is a very nice casting, waving his hat to encourage the troops, and sits very well on his horse. For my two games, he played a role as commander of one of the Reichsarmee brigades in the Imperium army.

During September, I painted 8 of the 24 figures in the unit of Hessian grenadiers. The other 16 have been painted for a number of years. The 8 new figures are all in the front rank and are Miniature Figurines SYW figures. The rest of the unit are Miniature Figurines (the advancing poses) and an unknown (to me) manufacturer (the march attack poses). This battalion is actually part of my American Revolution army but was drafted to play the role of a converged Reichsarmee grenadier battalion.

Later edit: According to DC, in his comment, the march attack figures are from Garrison Miniatures.

You've seen this church before as I posted an "under construction" entry earlier in September and it was featured in The Affair at Alt Kirchendorf, the first "big battalion" game I ran on Saturday, September 19 (see earlier posts for the 3-part battle report). Please see The Old Church posting for more details.

Here it is "in action" with its cemetery garrisoned by a company of Carpanian grenadiers.

The other paper building was the cannon foundry at Eisenmuhlen (which means iron mills in German). This building is actually in two parts which can be used together or separately. As was the church, the paper walls were glued to a foam core sub structure. The roof on the one-story part is removable. The cannon are a pair from RAFM.

And here is a shot of it on the battlefield of The Affair at Eisenmuhlen, which was the "big battalion" game I ran on Saturday, October 3. There will be more pictures of it in the battle report, which is still to be posted.

For October, I've already started on a third company for the Regiment Eisenmuhlen (RSM95 British infantry). I also will, finally, begin work on my 28mm French and Indian War figures and hopefully begin some work on the Regiment Royal Eccossais, using Old Glory figures.


DC said...

Your match attack grenadiers are Garrison figures. Cheers.

ColCampbell50 said...


Many thanks. Now I can add that to their bases so when they are sold (many years from now) after I've gone the new owner will know.


Capt Bill said...

Great buildings. Can't wait to receive the offical battle report and engravings....