Saturday, December 27, 2008

Highlanders in Progress

For several weeks, I have been slowly painting the next unit for my imagi-nations. This will be the mercenary Campbell's Highland Battalion, currently in the service of the Markgraf of Carpania.

Composed of 24 Front Rank Highlanders from their Jacobite line, they will be uniformed in a mid-smokey blue with buff facings. The kilts are a representation of the Campbell tartan of blue and green. This picture shows the first company carrying the inhaber's color, a white St. Andrew's cross saltire on a blue field. In the background is the second company. It may take a little longer to finish them (the tartans are time consuming!), especially since our group's theme for 2009 is Colonial Adventuring and I will be adding to my Colonial armies, starting with some Beja tribesmen (AKA Fuzzy-Wuzzies) for a mini-campaign in the Sudan.


abdul666 said...

And very promising they look!

Now -I know it's heresy, but... what about combining your 2 currents projects in a Lace Wars mini-campaign in the Sudan? Not something of the scale of the FIW or the British-French struggle over India, but a little affair like the 18th C. French expeditions to Madagascar...


ColCampbell50 said...


That might be a distinct possibility! We have decided that Colonial Adventuring can mean just about anything related to colonialism at just about any time - from Romans versus Britons to Imperial Marines versus little green men.

Thanks for the suggestion!