Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Color Enhancement Test

This post is a test to determine if I can use my photo editing software to make my pictures not so dark looking. Of course, it may just be my computer at work that isn't balanced enough, but we'll see. You've seen these units before in previous posts.

The Leib Squadron of the Hapnich Dragoons
(Old Glory Prussian dragoons on Litko bases)

The Carpanian Feldjager Korps Staffelddunkel
(Front Rank and Old Glory figures)

The Courland Pandur Battalion Tamnii Narod
(Front Rank and Old Glory figures)

So, can you see the pictures any clearer than in previous posts? Are they not quite so dark? Please tell me what you think. Thanks, Jim


Bluebear Jeff said...


Yes, they are slightly better . . . but the best thing you could do is to change the location that you are using to "stage" the photos.

The camera tries to balance things . . . and when you have a "whitish" background it uses that as its "base".

Change to something like a neutral green, tan, etc. background and your figures will look a lot better because more detail will be apparent.

Right now the contrast between figures and background is tending to obscure the figures.

-- Jeff

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

First two are good - the pandours are a bit dark..

old-tidders said...

Yes - better brighter and a bit clearer. I think Jeff's identified the problem - contrast with the light background

-- Allan

ColCampbell50 said...

Thanks, guys. I'm using a light blue background now having changed from a white one. I'll try a different one soon. I think that I also need to get the lighting coming more from the front corners rather than more overhead as it is now. That may help. The Pandurs have a black uniform coat and dark red britches and vests. I think that combination will be dark no matter what I do.

But the great thing about digital imagery is that all I'm using is electrons and not pricey camera film!