Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ringing in the New Year

As the new year was celebrated in the Markgraviate of Carpania with a magnificent fireworks display

the Markgrave's army settled into their winter quarters. Some work was done on equipping another battalion of Carpanian infantry but had to be put aside when the Erbprinz required some soldiers for his upcoming campaign against the barbarian Saxons by the forces of Charlemagne. So efforts were turned to raising and equipping pseudo-Franks and Saxons for this Dark Ages campaign.

The addition of community blogs for Old School Wargaming in the ancient/medieval/renaissance and musket and pike eras:

the Great Hall of the Kingdoms of Antiquity -- and

the Age of Reform and Chaos --

have led me down other paths. While my SYW "big battalions" project will continue, I will also be adding freshly raised forces to my 25/28mm High Medieval (1300s-1400s) and Renaissance armies. This will be especially useful as the theme year for our wargaming group ( ) will be "Before the Socket Bayonet." We have many ancients, medieval, and Renaissance games scheduled, both on land and on sea.

I hope to do better in the coming year in keeping this blog current.

Happy and Prosperous New Year to All!!!

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