Tuesday, September 18, 2007

HUBCON 2007 Convention

This past Saturday, I drove down to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, to attend the 2007 HUBCON convention (http://www.hubcon.org/). Hattiesburg is known as the Hub City, which is how the convention received its name. Over the years it has always been a small local convention with historical, DBM, and fantasy gamers sharing a nice sized room first in a local motel and then in the Lakefront Convention Center. We are also joined by a group of "fantasy re-enactors" (for lack of a better description). I played in two historical games and bought some miniatures, books, and buildings.

The first game was run by Ken Hafer of Metarie, Louisiana. He used the Two-Hour Wargames "Nuts!" rules to fight a WW2 scenario pitting a small German kampfgruppe against a small American task force.

I was the senior German commander and had a Panther, two halftracks (one with a 75mm howitzer), and an infantry squad. I destroyed an American halftrack, two Shermans, and an infantry squad before driving off the tabletop on my way to Bastogne.

The second game took me to Afghanistan in the late 1800s for a replay of Maiwand. Run by Mark Stevens, we used Larry Brom's "800 Fighting Englishmen" rules.
I was the senior British commander whose total force consisted of one English and two Indian battalions, two English batteries, and two Indian cavalry regiments. The Afghans were, it seemed, as numerous as the rocks in the hills. And as in the actual battle, the Anglo-Indian force was defeated with severe losses. Oh well, fun was had by all.

I got to renew wargaming acquaintances from around the deep South and bought some things from two of my dealer friends - Rudy Nelson of Time Portal Hobbies ( http://www.nelsontimeportal.com/ )
and Vince Clyant of the London War Room ( http://www.thelondonwarroom.com/ ).

More pictures have been posted on my group's web site ( www.angelfire.com/games3/jacksongamer ).

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LittleArmies said...

Just looking at that open space and thinking that could make a good venue for a small games day. Some trestle tables and foldaway chairs, and you'd be away.

Of course, I guess it would be hard to find a time when your daughter's dance classes were not using the space...but just a thought.