Thursday, August 30, 2007

Introduction to ColCampbell's Barracks

I've been wargaming for over 30 years and playing with toy soldiers for much longer than that. My first introduction to wargaming came with Airfix WW2 soldiers and Rocco mini-tanks while I was in junior high school. And things have just blossomed from there.

Currently I game as part of the Jackson (Miss., USA) Gamers.

Several of us have been gaming since college days and others have joined along the way.

I have very eclectic gaming interests and have figures, nay armies, for the following periods and "scales"

15mm early Medieval (ca 1000-1200 AD) [I guess you can see that I'm not very PC when I still use AD and BC in my dating.]
25mm mid-late Medieval
25mm Renaissance
15mm Renaissance naval (galleys)
"Pirates of the Barbary Coast" Renaissance galleys
15mm English Civil War
25mm Swashbucklers and Pirates
25mm Seven Years War
25mm American Revolution
25mm Napoleonics
"Pirates of the Spanish Main" etc. sailing ships
25mm Franco-Prussian War
25mm Colonial (primarily British and their native opponents)
1:2400 pre-dreadnoughts
15mm Russian Civil War
25mm Back of Beyond China
Spaceships (primarily old Babylon 5 ships)

And I'll game at least once in just about anything, including MechWars and Zombies!

Well, I think that's about enough for this first post.

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